Arema Malang

Arema Malang FC
Full name Arema Malang FC
(Persatuan Sepakbola Arema Malang)
Nickname(s) Singo Edan[1] (Crazy Lions)
Founded 11 August 1987
Ground Kanjuruhan, Malang
(Capacity: 35,000[2])
Owner PT Arema Indonesia
Chairman Gunadi Handoko
Coach Robert Rene Alberts
League Indonesia Super League
2008-09 Super League, 10th

Arema Malang FC (Indonesian: Persatuan Sepakbola Arema Malang) is an Indonesian football team based in Malang, East Java. It is one of the most supported and successful football clubs in Indonesia. They currently play at the Indonesian top league; the Liga Indonesia.Contents [hide]
1 The Arema Culture
2 History
3 Stadiums
4 Supporters
5 Squad
6 Honours
6.1 Galatama
6.2 Liga Indonesia
6.3 Piala Indonesia/Indonesian Cup
6.4 Arema Jr
7 Performance in AFC Competitions
8 Coaches
9 Notable Former Players
10 Official Sponsors
11 References
12 External links

The Arema Culture

The Arema (acronym for Arek Malang or Malang Teenagers)[3][4] culture is born out of the pride of the citizens of Malang. With the desire to establish themselves as a famous and a high nobility society, the people (especially the teenagers) of Malang participated in all kinds of activities (which includes boxing, rock music and athleticism) to help establish the Malang as one of the famous societies in Indonesia.

Arema is also the name of an Indonesian/Javanese legend, Kebo Arema who is thought to originate from Malang. Due to this fact, “Arema” became a relevant name to be used for the culture and identity of Malang.

On 11 August 1987, Arema Malang Football Club or Persatuan Sepakbola Arema Malang was formed. It went through several names and managements change before using and settling on the present club name. This was due to financial difficulties experienced by the club during its early days of formation before eventually being saved by Ir. Lucky Acub Zaenal.

In 2003, after 16 years of financial instability, Arema Malang FC was taken over by PT. Bentoel Prima Malang Tbk, one of Indonesia’s oldest cigarette company based in Malang. The company has managed Arema Malang FC till now.

Arema Malang plays at 50.000 capacity’s Kanjuruhan Stadium in Malang . In the past they played at the Gajayana Stadium, Malang for AFC Champions League matches.
Arema supporters who call themselves the Aremania are considered to be one of the most fanatic supporters among all of the Indonesian football clubs supporters.
Apart from Malang City itself, Arema Malang FC also has its Aremania community all around Indonesia, for example, Aremania Batavia in Jakarta, Aremania Batam in Riau Island, Aremania cyber and other area/countries.
In 2000 & 2006, the Aremania has been awarded as The Best Indonesian Football Supporters by Football Association of Indonesia

Template:Infobox sepak bola Ligina
SquadNo. Position Player
31 GK Aji Saka
1 GK Kurnia Meiga
50 GK Markus Haris Maulana
7 DF Benny Wahyudi
30 DF Hermawan
88 DF Irfan Raditya
24 DF Pierre Njanka
2 DF Purwaka Yudhi
23 DF Waluyo
3 DF Zulkifly Syukur
19 MF Ahmad Bustomi
MF Fariz Bhagus Dhinata
MF Firmansyah Aprilianto
No. Position Player
25 MF Jalaluddin Main
MF Juan Revi
18 MF Landry Poulangoye
5 MF Muhammad Fachrudin
6 MF Muhammad Ridhuan
9 MF Roman Chmelo
10 MF Ronny Firmansyah
11 MF Tommy Pranata
14 FW Dendi Santoso
13 FW Gery Nugraha
12 FW Noh Alam Shah
16 FW Rahmat Affandi
FW Sunarto

Galatama VIII 1987/1988 – 6th Place
Galatama IX 1988/1989 – 8th Place
Top Scorer – Mecky Tata (18 goals)
Galatama X 1990 – 4th Place
Galatama XI 1990/1992 – 4th Place
Top Scorer – Singgih Pitono (21 goals)
Galatama XII 1992/1993 – Champions
Top Scorer – Singgih Pitono (16 goals)
Galatama XIII 1993/1994 – 1st Round
Liga Indonesia
1997 – Divisi Utama (Premiere Division); Big Twelve Round
2000 – Divisi Utama (Premiere Division); Big Eight Round
2001 – Divisi Utama (Premiere Division); Big Eight Round
2002 – Divisi Utama (Premiere Division); Big Eight Round
2005 – Divisi Utama (Premiere Division); Big Eight Round
2006 – Divisi Utama (Premiere Division); Big Eight Round
2007 – Divisi Utama (Premiere Division); Big Eight Round
Division 1
2004 – Divisi 1 (First Division); Champions
Piala Indonesia/Indonesian Cup
1992 – Runner-up
2005 – Champions
2006 – Champions
Arema Jr
2007 – Champions Piala Soeratin/Soeratin Cup LRN U-18
Performance in AFC Competitions
AFC Champions League: 1 appearance
2007: Group Stage
Asian Club Championship: 1 appearance
1994: Qualifying – 2nd round
Coaches Name Nationality Years
Sinyo Aliandoe 1987-1989
Andi Teguh 1989-1992
Muhammad Basri 1992-1993/2000
Gusnul Yakin 1993-1994/1995-1996/1997-1998 ( 1993-1998 )
Halilintar Gunawan 1994-1995
Hamid Asnan 1998
Winarto 1997-1998
Suharno 1996/97
Daniel Roekito 2001
Terry Weton 2003
Henk Wullems 2003
Benny Dollo 2004-2006
Miroslav Janu 2006-2007
Bambang Nurdiansyah 2008 (5 month)
Gusnul Yakin 2008-2009
Robert Alberts 2009-2010

Notable Former Players
Mahdi Haris (1980’s)
Mecky Tata (1980’s-1990’s)
Imam Hambali (1990’s)
Dominggus Nowenik (1980’s-1990’s)
Singgih Pitono (1980’s-1990’s)
Maryanto (1980’s-1990’s)
Aji Santoso (1987-1995, 2002-2004)
Joko Susilo (1990’s-2003)
Kuncoro (1990’s, 2001)
Nanang Supriadi (1993-2005)
I Putu Gede (1999-2006)
Sutaji (2003-2008)
Charis Yulianto (1996-2002)
Erol Iba (2004-2006)
Aris Budi (2004-2006)
Firman Utina (2005-2006)
Hendro Kartiko (2007-2008)
Elie Aiboy (2007-2008)
Ortizan Salossa (2007-2008)
Ponaryo Astaman (2007-2008)
Juan Manuel Rubio (1996-2000)
Julio Caesar Moreno (1996-1997)
Christian Cespedes (1998-1999)
Fransisco “Pacho” Rubio (1999-2000)
Rodrigo Araya (1999-2000, 2003)
Badmidelle Bob Manuel (2001)
Jamie Rojas (2002)
Joao Carlos (2004-2007)
Junior Lima (2004-2005)
Francis Yonga (2005-2006)
Emile Mbamba (2007-2008)
Emaleu Serge (2005-2009)
Official Sponsors
PT. Bentoel International Investama, Tbk


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